Elegant Outdoor Living Solutions On Florida’s Gulf Coast

When in Florida, no home is truly a perfect dream home destination without a personalized outdoor living space. Complete your ideal home with a beautiful lanai tailored to your lifestyle from the construction and engineering experts at Coast 2 Coast Construction!

  • Customized lanais for enhanced outdoor living
  • Seamless indoor-outdoor transitional space
  • Licensed, professional engineers and contractors
  • Free consultations for all lanai additions
Enjoy the Outdoors in a Lanai Addition
New Lanais Install for a Home on Floridas Gulf Coast

Custom-Designed Lanais for Personalized Enjoyment

Make the most out of outdoor living with a spacious enclosure or patio that offers you the room to fully enjoy what Florida weather has to offer. No matter your preferences, from relaxing shady shelters to open sunny grilling areas, our experts design and build with your exact standards, goals, and wants as our top priority.

Consult with our team today for a free estimate and see how we can turn your backyard into your everyday sanctuary!

Relaxing Entertainment Areas

Elevated deck with pergola

Create a sheltered outdoor space complete with seating, dining, and even media areas that offer fun and relaxation for your family and friends. Whether you desire a patio or screened-in extension, let us transition a porch into a more usable outdoor space or build out a new lanai to your preferred dimensions.

Regardless of if you have room under your home’s existing roofline for an enclosure or if you need to build from scratch, our team works with what you have and transforms it into a comfortable outdoor living space.

Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor Kitchen Construction in Sarasota, FL Custom Outdoor Kitchen in Sarasota, FL

Keep up with the delectable trend of installing specialty outdoor kitchens and grilling areas that will make you everyone’s favorite neighbor. Either open designs or semi-enclosed spaces make cooking outdoors both fun and functional.

Sunroom Enclosures

Sunroom Enclosure Sarasota, FL

Want the effect of sunny, bright light in your space, but still want air conditioning? Install a sunroom enclosure! Large windows and doors provide you with the warmth of the sun’s rays but heavier-duty walls and materials keep the enclosure more room-like.

Along with being functional and comfortable year-round, sunroom enclosures add value to your home and make great spaces for any lifestyle, from workout rooms to personal offices to your own private relaxing escape.

Lanais & Home Construction Perfected

When you work with Coast 2 Coast Construction, you’re guaranteed a design and build process that keeps you connected throughout your entire project. Our team devotes their time to your unique build, ensures that your needs for the space are being met, and lets you know of our progress regularly.

With our committed hands-on approach, you can rest assured that your customized project will be beautifully designed and built and meets your expectations, budget, and timeframe.

Build Your Ideal Outdoor Living Space

Fully enjoy the outdoors with a tailored lanai from Coast 2 Coast Construction! Since 2018, our team has been building luxury outdoor living spaces, new custom homes, and individualized home remodels that transform your property into one-of-a-kind dream homes.

Let our dedicated team of engineers and contractors design and build a home that is perfect for you. Contact us online today, or call 941.212.9917 to discuss your dream home wants and develop the design that best suits your needs.

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