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Beautiful Home Additions On Florida’s Gulf Coast

When you need more space in your home for entertaining, working, relaxing, or just living, call on Coast 2 Coast Construction to design and build a home addition for all your needs! Our quick communication and personalized service make completing an addition to your home easy and enjoyable.

  • Custom-designed and engineered home additions
  • Quality construction with a hands-on approach
  • Free consultations for all home addition projects
  • Licensed engineers and contractors
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Coast 2 Coast Framers working on a Home Addition in Florida

Personalized Construction for High Quality Home Additions

Our guarantee as an experienced construction company is to devote ourselves to your project completely. In every phase of the design and construction process, you stay in the loop on progress, timeframes, and next steps.

Along with building to state standards, we build to your standards and tailor our services to meet your needs, budget, schedule, and vision.

Spacious Dens, Living Rooms, & Media Rooms

Expand a room in your home, convert an unfinished space into a usable room, or build out a new wing. With our team, you can transform your untouched attic into a game room or customize a media room that extends from your living room. What you can dream, we can build for you.

Our designs take into account your home’s current style, so your home addition will blend seamlessly into your home as if it’s always been there.

In-Law Suites & Guest Cottages

Make more room for visiting guests with additional structures on your property. Let our team customize in-law suites, guest cottages, pool houses, and more that allow your visitors to live comfortably in their own space.

Or make throwing a party even more exciting with a space tailored to all your entertainment needs, from specialized kitchens to high-end media rooms.

Boathouses & Garages

Add buildings that protect your valuable equipment, from boathouses and garages to studios and workstations. Designed for security and storage, customize your addition to hold any size boat or vehicle and incorporate shelving, cabinets, and workbenches to maximize your storing capacity and make working in your garage fun and productive.

Outdoor Living Spaces

Is a Florida home really complete without a beautiful outdoor kitchen, sunroom, or lanai? With gorgeous weather year-round, you need a space that allows you to truly enjoy what the gulf coast has to offer.

Tailor your lanai or outdoor living space to function as a relaxing escape, an entertainment area, or a sunnier office. The possibilities really are endless!

Florida’s Trusted Home Construction Company

Enjoy the building process as much as the end result with Coast 2 Coast Construction! Let our experts help you design an incredible home addition that boosts your home’s value and gives you the space you’ve always wanted.

Whether building a new home, adding to your current home, or remodeling, our team is ready to transform your property into your dream home!

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