Floor Plans

Custom Home Floor Plans On Florida’s Gulf Coast

Don’t just build a new home. Design your home with a custom floor plan with Coast 2 Coast Construction! Create a modern, open-concept layout or adjust a traditional design to meet your unique needs. Whatever you can imagine, our team can help you build it.

  • Custom-designed floor plans for all spaces
  • Budget-conscious design and building options
  • Hands-on and individualized approach
  • Licensed engineers and contractors
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Custom Home Floor Plans

Floor Plans Tailored to Your Vision

Once you’ve had your lot surveyed, the next step is to design your home’s layout. Knowing what you want and creating the floor plan for it are two very different things, so call on a professional team of engineers and contractors who can simplify the process with a tailored guide to your home’s construction.

Design fresh or find a floor plan that already fits your needs, budget, and lot size with our experts!

Design Original Floor Plans

Make your home your fully customized castle by letting our team design a complete and original floor plan just for you. Schedule a consultation and provide us with your lot dimensions, wants for your home’s design, and ideas you have, and our team will create a unique floor plan that captures your vision.

Choose From Our Adaptable Floor Plan Collection

Prefer to work with an existing design or need to gather ideas for your home’s layout? Start with one of our pre-designed layouts and modify it to your lot’s specifications or change it to suit your needs.

Schedule a consultation to view our floor plans and get started on your design!

Find Your Perfect Floor Plan With Coast 2 Coast Construction

Every dream home starts with a customized layout. Get the expert guidance you need to perfect your home’s design, and let Coast 2 Coast Construction build to your unique vision!

While custom homes are our specialty, our personalized construction services also extend to home additions , garage build outs , home remodeling , and more. Never settle for anything less than your ideal home.

Call us at 941.212.9917 , or contact us online to set up your consultation and start customizing your dream home!

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